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Ultra Foliar

About Ultra Foliar

We lead the world in broad spectrum high analysis liquid compound fertilisers. These are called Ultra Foliar.

RLF Ultra Foliar is the most concentrated, high analysis broad-spectrum foliar product, available in the world today. The stable engineered solution contains 12 elements including enough extra phosphorus to charge the plant for a 100kg of greater yield per hectare.

This range is unique. Contains RLF NDS Technology.



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Solving the Nutrient Deficiency Problem

Every crop – every plant – has different trace element nutrient needs.  The problem is that it is difficult to know what these specific requirements are – and impossible to treat every plant with a different nutrient solution being absurd to suggest that you provide different nutrients for different plants or crop sections.  This however is the reality of farming practice aggravated further in that a single nutrient deficiency or variation could have a remarkable effect on plant health and future yield results and values.

RLF recognised this problem was creating issues in the successful management of nutrient deficiency and in the 1990’s developed the first of its broad-spectrum foliar products  as a response to fixing some of these problems.  Since these early days the science of nutrient plant physiology has seen RLF engineer advanced and more concentrated products that are designed to change the way you can ensure nutrient deficiency issues are satisfied.

Nutrient Delivery System

The key to being able to formulate a broad-spectrum nutrient product was in the proprietary RLF NDS (Nutrient Delivery System).  NDS would mean we had develop the way to safely transfer nutrient through and into the leaf and plant cell walls – effectively increasing nutrient delivery by over 300%.  This allowed the formulations to be engineered at levels that could ensure stability and plant integrity without any risk of element antagonism created by having so many elements in a single product.

Key Benefits of RLF Ultra Foliar

RLF Ultra Foliar is unlike any other fertiliser product on the market today.  It can represent a number of direct benefits that substantially differentiate the product.  These are based on plant science and physiology, trial and performance data and the basics of known and accepted agricultural principles.  RLF Ultra Foliar is a performance product that can provide a combination of benefits as a direct outcome from its application.

List are the 8 primary benefits of an RLF Ultra foliar and in the following pages are the detailed explanations and supporting information, data and results that supports these principles and validate the results.